I Sold My Car - What do I do?

I no longer have my vehicle and I did not transfer the plates to a new vehicle:

  • If this vehicle was sold, totally damaged, stolen and not recovered, or removed and registered in another state you may be entitled to a credit off your tax bill.  You MUST cancel your CT registration to have your tax bill pro-rated. Link to DMV Registration Cancellation.  DMV DOES NOT notify the Assessor's Office if a registration has been cancelled.  YOU MUST provide proof of cancellation to the Assessor's Office directly.
  • In order to prorate a vehicle, TWO forms of documentation MUST be submitted to the Assessor's Office.  Please see acceptable Motor Vehicle Documentation and send to Assessor Email or Upload MV Documents.  No correction can be made unless TWO forms are submitted.

I no longer have my vehicle and I transferred my plates to a new vehicle:

  • If you no longer have your vehicle but transferred your plates, you must pay the bill on your old vehicle in full.   In January you will receive a bill on your new vehicle, and the amount you overpaid on your previous will automatically be deducted from your new bill.  You will see this credit on your Supplemental Motor Vehicle tax bill.

In accordance with § 12-71c(b) Any person claiming a property tax credit with respect to a motor vehicle in accordance with subsection (a) of this section for any assessment year shall, not later than the thirty-first day of December immediately following the end of the assessment year which next follows the assessment year in which such motor vehicle is so sold, damaged, stolen or removed and registered, file with the assessor in the town in which such person is entitled to such property tax credit, documentation satisfactory to the assessor concerning the sale, total damage, theft or removal and registration of such motor vehicle. Failure to file such claim and documentation as prescribed herein shall constitute a waiver of the right to such property tax credit.