Motor Vehicle Documentation Options


All documents must be on authentic letterhead, legible, and include the following:

  • Date
  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Vehicle Identification Number

All options listed are in addition to a plate cancellation receipt

Type of Sale/TransactionRequired Documentation
Proof of Independent SaleWe will only accept the DMV bill of sale or gift declaration - the form must be completed in its entirety or a copy of both sides of the title with the seller and buyer’s information
Dealership Sale or Trade-In VehicleA copy of the bill of sale from the dealership identifying the vehicle that was traded in or an odometer statement
Registration CopyA copy of the registration in another state or a copy of the new owner’s registration
Leased Vehicle ReturnCopy of the odometer or lease return statement
Junked VehicleA receipt from the junkyard
Donated VehicleA letter from the charitable organization
RepossessionA letter from the company who repossessed the vehicle showing when they sold the vehicle at auction
Stolen VehicleA statement from your insurance company indicating that the vehicle was stolen and not recovered
Total Loss from the Insurance Company

The letter must state it was a total loss and the vehicle was DISPOSED, JUNKED, sent to COPART, OWNER DID NOT RETAIN

If you retained the vehicle after the total loss, you are responsible for the taxes – see Assessment Appeal Procedures

Carfax, Vinaudit, Autocheck, VehicleHistoryRecord.comCity of Danbury is not responsible for any fees associated with these sites or reporting results
Insurance Letter

A letter from your insurance company on letterhead stating WHY the vehicle was deleted from the policy.

The letter will not be acceptable without stating what happened to the vehicle, SOLD, JUNKED ETC. 

In accordance with § 12-71c(b) Any person claiming a property tax credit with respect to a motor vehicle in accordance with subsection (a) of this section for any assessment year shall, not later than the thirty-first day of December immediately following the end of the assessment year which next follows the assessment year in which such motor vehicle is so sold, damaged, stolen or removed and registered, file with the assessor in the town in which such person is entitled to such property tax credit, documentation satisfactory to the assessor concerning the sale, total damage, theft or removal and registration of such motor vehicle. Failure to file such claim and documentation as prescribed herein shall constitute a waiver of the right to such property tax credit.