Board of Assessment Appeals

Taxpayers who disagree with their property assessment can petition the Board of Assessment Appeals to have the assessment changed. The Board of Assessment Appeals has the authority to change a property valuation a taxpayer believes to be inaccurate.

The Board will meet in April 2023 to hear appeals on the 2022 Grand List, including Real Estate, Personal Property, Motor Vehicles, and Supplemental Motor Vehicles.

Applications will be accepted March 1, 2023 to March 20, 2023.  Please do not submit prior to that date as they will not be considered filed during the application period. All appeals must be on prescribed form for the 2022 Grand List Application

Applicants should provide the Board with any documentation they feel is relevant to their appeal. ONLY  information provided by the applicant will be considered for the appeal.  Any comparable sales analysis should be completed with adjustments to show comparability. The Board will not have accessible database at the time of hearings. Sales analysis from either a certified appraiser, real estate broker or property owner will be considered.  If there is incorrect data on your record, please bring with you proof of such.  Stating your value is too high would not be considered a valid cause for a change without supporting documentation.

2022 Grand List Appeal Form

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