Board of Assessment Appeals

Taxpayers who disagree with their property assessment can petition the Board of Assessment Appeals to have the assessment changed. The Board of Assessment Appeals has the authority to change a property valuation a taxpayer believes to be inaccurate.

The Board meets annually during March to hear appeals for all property classes, Real Estate, Personal Property, Motor Vehicles, and Supplemental Motor Vehicles,  and once during September to hear only Motor Vehicle appeals. 

PLEASE NOTE:  The deadline for applications to be received is February 20th, which falls on a Sunday.  State Statutes do not allow the deadline to extend to the next Monday.  Applications MUST be received by end of business on Thursday as we are closed on Fridays.   

The Board will notify you of your date and time of your hearing once application received.  

March Online Application   - The timeframe for appeals for the 2021 Grand List has passed.  

Printable March Application


You do not need to submit an application for the September meeting prior to the meeting, although we prefer to have one on file so the Board can properly prepare for your appeal.

Online applications will be available September 1, 2022.

Minutes & Agendas