Veterans with Disabilities

Subdivision (20) of §12-81 provides an exemption to a veteran who is deemed by the United States Veterans’ Administration to have suffered a disability. Such a disability need not have been service-related. The degree of disability (as determined by the Veterans Administration) must be at least 10% and progressively higher exemption amounts are provided for greater degrees of disability:

 Veterans Administration Disability Rating Property Tax Exemption Amount 

Disability Rating      Exemption Amount

  • 10% - 25%           Up to $3,000
  • 26% - 50%           Up to $7,500
  • 51% - 75%           Up to $9,000
  • 76% -100%          Up to $10,500
  • at least 10%, for persons over age 65   Up to $10,500

Please note: Above listed exemption amounts are off your assessment

 The most important distinction between this exemption and that under §12-81(19) is that a disabled veteran does not have to have served at least 90 days during a time of war in order to qualify.

To apply, a disability rating slip or a letter from the United States Veterans’ Administration to the assessor. Whatever form of documentation a person provides must specify the extent, or percentage, of disability. Such documentation must be filed only once, unless the United States Veterans’ Administration changes the person’s disability percentage, in which case new documentation must be filed with the assessor 

Disabled Veteran's may be eligible for additional benefits by meeting income guidelines Additional Veteran's Exemption