How Do I Apply for a Veteran's Exemption

While the most common proof of eligibility for a veteran’s exemption is an honorable discharge issued by the Department of Defense (DD214 Form), this is by no means the only type of proof that may be accepted. The United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Air Force or Public Health Service uses many types of separation documents. Examples include a "Report of Separation" and a "Certificate of Service”. The document submitted for recording in the land records by a person claiming a veteran’s exemption must show that the veteran’s separation from service (whether temporary or permanent) was “honorable”. The word “honorable” or the term “under honorable conditions” must, therefore, appear on the face of whatever type of document is presented for recordation. The term “Honorable” should not be confused with the term “Under Honorable”, which is used to describe a less than honorable discharge. Other non-acceptable terms used to describe military discharges include “Other Than Honorable”, Less Than Honorable”, “BCD” (i.e., Below Conduct Discharge), and “Dishonorable”.

Proper documentation must be submitted to the City of Danbury's Town Clerk no later than September 30th to be eligible for that Grand List.